mo (janetbaby007) wrote in purseguts,

First Post Survey Fun

Name: Rachel
Age: 19

Pink Tote
Strangest Thing in Purse: One of those scrubby bath mitten things - bought it, then went to take it to my bathroom and got distracted. Some how it wound up in my purse.
Best Thing in Purse: Either a brand new bottle of Victoria's Secret 'Amber Romance' body spray, or some 2-in-1 mascara

Strangest: A peanut that has Jimmy Carter's face painted on it - my mom handed it to me randomly while I was talking to her, she found it in a box of old clothes.
Best: My black cat-eye sunglasses.

Louis Vuitton
Strangest: An eye lash curler
Best: A white scarf, great for keeping your hair down on a windy day.

Green Tote
Strangest: A turquoise crayon
Best: A notepad where I write all of the screenplay ideas I am hit with during the day.

Brown Hobo
Strangest: A spoon. LOL No idea
Best: My grandma's watch.

Red Small
Strangest: A pair of pliers
Best: My new red lip stick

Pictures: None right now, when I crop them I'll post. :)
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