(_leopardxkiss_) wrote in purseguts,


NAME: Linz
AGE: 17, 18 in april
STRANGEST THING IN YOUR PURSE: my key to my private chest box, i guess
BEST THING IN YOUR PURSE: my coach wristlet, used as a wallet

this isnt my only purse, ohno, but more like my school bag. it fits everything i need + some.

L.A.M.B. hella hobo
Coach quilted black wristlet
Miso Pretty hand lotion
Green make up bag that i need to get rid of cause i hate it now. Includes- mascara, eyeliner, compact, eyelash curler, chapstick & 2 lip glosses
tampon + trident white
house key + chest key
pens + student passbook
camera phone which isnt pictured (forgot & too lazy to retake pic)
sometimes ill have my CD player in there.

xox Linz
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